What’s instore at Gold Souk Grande, Kochi

11 October 2010   10 Comments

Well, This Gallan is sure that by now almost every young and old ‘mall-going’ ( ;) ) Kochite would have visited the Gold Souk Grand’e at the Vytilla Junction. The reason for visiting, of course, being the presence of Kochi’s ( Kerala’s :) ) first KFC outlet in its ground floor. Now, its been little too long a wait, to see what all new has the the mall got to offer to the us and the city.
Oberon Mall, Edappally, introduced many new brands to the city, both national and international, which the city haven’t had experienced before. The Cinemax multiplexes, Reliance Time-Out, gaming corner, scary house, etc. are a few to be named. Guess by now every one,( this Gallan included), would have started to feel bored by the Oberon. Yes, we always need something new and that is even more happening that the ones we have. In the list of upcoming malls in the city, the Gold Souk Grand’e occupies the first position(lulu needs time). The Lulu Shopping Mall, which is going to be the biggest of its kind in the country, is beleived to be open by the next year.
So, what’s new for kochi in the Gold Souke Grand’e? A small compilation, in the Gallan style ;), follows…

1) The KFC Restaurant - which is already up.Almost everyone reading this would have already visited. Whether to like it or not is left up to you people.

2) Q Cinemas , a venture of OSR cinemas

3) Big Bazaar – By the Pantaloon Retail India Limited
Big Bazaar =Cheaper ( Food + Mobile + Computer + Other electronic items + Furniture + Apparels + Gifts + Utensils + Auto Accessories + Etc. + Etc. + Etc. ).
Gotta wait to know what all Big Bazaar has got to offer to our city. No other go. :(

4) City’s second Pizza Hut Restaurant
This one is going to attract a whole lot of crowd to the mall. The only outlet of the Pizza Hut in the city now being near the Ernakulam South Railway Station, the people living near Vytilla/
Edappally side are not being able to avail their free home delivery service. Now with their opening in the Souk, the pizza lovers of these areas can have some good pizzas, that are ‘Hot on the
Dot’. :)

6) Many other new brands like the Mont Blanc, Longines Watches, Tissot, Tag Heuer, etc..

7) There will be a food court opening with the multiplex
8)Amoeba leisurezone ( Bangalore) will be opening with Bowling Alley and gaming zone ( which is almost completed)
9)Boomerang will also be opeing its outlet
10)A Multi Cuisine restaurant- 24 carat, is already open

Can’t wait more for the mall to be fully functional. If Gold Souk people are reading this, Gallan has got a request on behalf of every gallan out there. ” Make it fast.” :) casino online




  • Kochi Gallan said:

    special thanx to
    Arun Mathew
    Event Manager
    Aerens Gold Souk International Ltd.

    for pointing out some errors in this one :)

  • Naaz said:

    The list looks cool…hope al f ‘em put up soon, nd happy 2 kno Pizza hut news store z ryt der..

  • Arun said:

    Gr8 to hear that “Amoeba” is opening in kochi. When will BIG BAZAAR and the Q Cinema’s Multiplex Open ? Any idea..

  • Kochi Gallan (author) said:

    @Naaz:yup that is what we all have 2 say…open soon :)
    @Arun:dont know the exact dates exept opening shortly..:(

  • achu said:

    shops in gold suke malls refuse to open,due to lack of crowd in mall.this is really stupid attitude,bcoz nobody get information abt gold suke mall, before inaugration,exspecially without advertisement. very few people know abt gold suke mall right now.managent pls speed up to open it.

  • Arun said:

    Bigbazaar’s Food Bazar and Fashion bazaar opened 2 days back

  • Kochi Gallan (author) said:

    @ Arun : Yes. The pics and updates are coming soon.

  • Anonymous said:

    Cool! I mean about the whole pizza hut thing in souq, except that they dont deliver! So the people of vytilla and edapally can hop on the roller coaster right back to the dark ages! :/ In fact try calling these idiots at 0484-4044111 [pizza hut souq's alleged number] : they dont even have the common courtesy to pick up the phone!

  • Shilpa Abraham, PRO, Gold Souk said:

    Hi, it is Gold Souk Grande (the e is missing)…..request you to pls correct the same….

  • Anonymous (author) said:

    Sure, Madam. Its corrected. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. :)

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