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20 October 2010   8 Comments

Kochigallan.com met up with ‘Kaav’  an Indian trio instrumental band. This Vypin Island based band released their eponymous E.P. in September 2010 through their website kaav.in. The E.P is produced by Baiju Dharmajan of “Motherjane” which received raving reviews from various newspapers, magazines and several international websites. Kaav’s song ‘Daya’ is  representied India in the international Indie Music Compaliation Album comprising 35 countries (Music Alliance Project).

The band is based in Vypin Island, Cochin, Kerala. Even though the seclusion of the place brings several limitations, the natural beauty and the coastal lifestyle have an immense influence on the nature of the band’s music. Kaav’s music draws influences from Indian classical music, folk music, Rock, Metal, World music, Jazz Fusions, Blues, Prog, Psy and Alternative.

Before you guys get into the interview check out the track ‘Daya’

Here is the online chat that happened :)

First things first. What does ‘Kaav’ mean :)?

The band was formed in 2009, July and we did not have a name even after we entered the studio in March 2010. So many names popped up in our mind and our friends also suggested us a lot of names but we couldn’t relate to any of them. Actually we were looking out for a name which was unique, deep rooted in our heritage and tradition as well as which can inspire us and others for ages. And we were very keen on a name which can give us a great musical direction which we believe is very important for any band. Thus ‘Kaav’.

The word ‘Kaav’ was taken from ‘Kaavu’ or ‘Kaavukal’ which in Malayalam means the traditional shrines, forests where so many folk stoties, art forms like ‘Theyyam’, ‘Koodiyatam’ etc orginated. Fears, mysteries, superstitions, religion, spirituality were always associated with Kaav which is also the meeting place of the human psyche.

Tell us about yourselves(the three of you, from the schooling days till 2day, the whole package ;) )?

Me (Syam) and Shabeer were classmates at high school and later, we used to have jam sessions together. After college, I left for Delhi to pursue a career in e-publishing while Shabeer turned to dog training. But the dream of forming a band stayed in our minds and then we got together again and looked out for a drummer. last year a common friend Reji introduced us to Arun, who had earlier played in a deathmetal band ‘War Horse Chained’. Arun had let go of all his musical ambitions to work at Chennai as a writer. He was also very ambitious to play in a band composing original music. After he listened to a couple of home recordings, Arun shifted his drum kit to our jam room.

We figured that beauty of Vypin Island is one of the inspiration for Kaav, any other inspiration (we would love to hear a love story :) )?

‘Baiju Dharmajan’ – Yes, we are in truly love with this man.

This amazing guitarist is soley responsible for whatever we are today. He is more than our Guru and his guidance and motivation has shaped our musical perspective and also made us better humans.

So many  personalities as well as bands have also inspired us in our creative process such as John Antony, Micheal Akerfeldt, Chuck Shuldiner, Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane, Steven Wilson, Bruce Soord, Opeth, Coldplay, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Decapitated, Pineapple Thief, The Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin, Mettallica, Nirvana, Dio, Jeff beck, Shakti, Art metal, Garaj Mahal, Sigur Ross, Karnatrix, Motherjane, Avial, Wrenz, Jaco Posturious, Steve Vai, Ambient Music, Aerosmith, RATM, RHCP, SOAD, Deep Purple, Europe, Bela Fleck, Pantera, Slayer,Pearl Jam, Sepultura, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix,Kurt Cobain, Alhayar Najafi, Chenda Mellam, Indian classical and folk music, L.Shankar and of course we adore all the classic Malayalam and Hindi songs…

The biggest moment for the band till date?

We are happy to realise that people have accepted us as an instrumental band, our first gig at Gathering Storm Festival gave us a high. Kaav’s song ‘Daya’ is representing INDIA among other 34 countries in the International Music Compilation Album (MAP). ‘The Guardian’ UK, one of the worlds best Newspaper recently featured ‘Kaav’ on its website’s music page.

What about future plans for the band?

Band is planning to tour the country attending various music festivals and other gigs.Production of two more music videos are in pipeline. We are planning to enter the studios by next year to record a full length album. Already we have six tracks and more composing sessions are going on. Also we are on the lookout for producers and record labels to work with.

Do you think cochin is mature enough for prog rock of Kaav?

Of course. Whatever kind of music you play, there will be listners in every corner of the world.

And the funding part ?

We have not yet paid our studio bills. ‘Dan’ of Lal Media must be looking out for us.

We at Kochigallan think music is at its purest form when it is consumed alone(without drugs in plain english :) )…In other words Is Kaav into psychedelic rock?..What do you guys have to say about psychedelic drug/entheogen LSD music?

Adhikam Ayaal Amrutum Visham.

Mind holding a free jamming session for kochigallan :) ?

Why not :)

That was an awesome chat,thank you Kaav for wasting time chatting with us :)..Gallans check out some of the places where Kaav was featured in ;)

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  • Sneha said:

    Great article!! Kaav is a great band.

  • Kochi Gallan (author) said:

    Thank you Sneha

  • raphieie said:

    Nice interview !!!

  • Kaav said:

    Dear Sneha, raphieie and Gallan…..thank you very much for supporting us :)

  • Kochi Gallan (author) said:

    Thank you Kaav for the interview with us :)..all the very best to you guys :)

  • raphieie said:

    @ Kaav : woow..feels so good..
    and thank you Gallan…

  • Mathai said:

    Nice track and video Kaav, I liked the Stone Temple Pilot, Perl Jam kinda vibe from the whole thing. Keep rocking guys! \m/

  • indiavibes said:

    recently Indiavibes, India’s first WebTV did an video portfolio of them!. it was exclusive!! visit it http://www.indiavibes.tv/beat-box-ep-02-kaav

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