Fashion @ Big Bazaar,Gold Souk Grande,Cochin,Kochi

1 December 2010   View Comments

Fasion at big Bazaar have huge stuff to offer.But most of the ‘Fashion’ sold at fashion at Big bazaar had the in house brands of future group like AFL,Dj & C,Spoink etc.

While Big Bazaar at other parts of the country have more brands (like Levis,Flying machine to name a few),The only branded stuff this Gallan could see was (other than Big bazaar’s)Lee Cooper @ 800 bucks.

The Tees they sell starts @ 200 bucks.Now who sells cheaper than that?
Big Bazaar,like their tagline says “no one sells cheaper”.The only thing this Gallan wish for is more Brands.
So Gallans if you dont give a Damn about the brand and its snob value and care only about quality stuff.Hit Fashion @ Big Bazaar ;) .
For others,take a detour.

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  • Naaz

    good to see things r happenin in cochin….

  • mahin


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