Wall Mart is coming to Kochi / Cochin ?

19 January 2011   View Comments

Gallans out there would have already noticed the closed shutters of Varkeys supermarket outlets in Kochi. Check out  ‘The closing of Varkeys Supermarket’ from one of the Gallans. :(

Talking about ‘Varkeys’ brings a lot of memories into my mind. When I was a kid, outing was only possible with my parents, and one of the regular and sure shot outing reasons was to do our household shopping. And from the time I remember, my dad took me to the ‘Varkeys’ for the same. It was whole lot a fun. I’d do the ‘adding to cart’ part by myself and most of the times dad just had to do the ‘pay’ part. I knew every nook and corner of the market and was so familiar that I could possibly figure out if they had changed the place of any commodity from that of the previous visit of mine. Even used to help old grannies and aunties. I enjoyed it, was fun to say.

May be that was why the news that ‘Varkeys’ closed down triggered a deep sorrow in me. You might me thinking what a stupid person I am. I don’t care, cos Varkeys did matter a lot to me…Sob Sob.. ;)

But whats in store for us Gallans?

I happened to hear that the close down of ‘Varkeys’ is for a big reason – The entry of the very famous international leaders in retail, The Wall Mart themselves in India. I believe the new is true and if its so, then our coming generations would have much better memories of better shopping experiences to cherish. Wall Mart, Kochi is waiting for you…..casino online

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  • Josephwaterford

    as per kochinow and SSC, lulu is seriously considering taking up the varkeys chain to expand under the name ‘lulu express’

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