‘EUPHORIA’ eve at the JT Pac – Gallan Recommends

22 February 2012   View Comments

There would be hardly any rock lover who wouldn’t have heard of the ‘Euphoia’. And believe this Gallan or not, Euphoria is coming down to our own Kochi to entertain all its Gallans, LIVE! The show named “EUPHORIA – An Eve To Remember” will be staged at the JT Pac theatre on 25 February 2012, Saturday. We all remember Euphoria as being a band from Delhi who were the first to bring rock culture to India, mixing electric guitar with traditional instruments like the tabla and dholak to create mesmerizing effects. Now we have this golden opportunity to watch them live…!

Tickets bookings have already started and there are only a few more remaining. So, catch them soon at http://www.jtpac.org/reservation.php?show=67. :)

Event : “EUPHORIA – An Eve To Remember”

Time and venue: 6:30 PM at JT Pac theatre

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