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Kochi Municipal Corporation website made Interactive

6 July 2011   View Comments

The Corporation of Kochi has decided to take another step forward in the digital age, and upgrade their website from purely informational to a fully interactive web portal. The main feature of this site is touted to be that it enables civilians (That’s you and me, folks) to file their complaints and grievances, minus the usual deterrent of standing in long lines and filling out endless forms. To add to the transparency and effectiveness of the process, each person who registers a complaint is provided with a reference number to track their complaint as well. :shock:

Screen-shot of the existing Kochi Corporation’s website
Such a system has long been needed in this city, where the complaints are endless and redressals are far and few in between, even for those who are willing to go through the tedium of submitting a complaint. No more of that, as the new website is scheduled to be up and running this September!
The website is being developed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a part of the e-governance program. What’s more, according to a top government official, this is only the first of four major e-governance related projects in development currently! Keep watching this space for more details. ;)

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  • Kabeer

    web site of Cochin corporation is still  not a user friendly.They have to go miles to update a  site 

  • Kabeer

    web site of Cochin corporation is still  not a user friendly.They have to go miles to update a  site 

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