Q Cinemas Opens screen on 13th

12 January 2011   View Comments

So things are getting official. Q cinemas are opening at Gold Souk Kochi on 13th . Q Cinemas if you are listening , Please launch your website on 13rth as well. It would be better to book tickets online instead tele booking (or worse ,going to Gold Souk and booking the tickets ) . Their website is still on ” Coming Soon ” mode.

The Q Cinemas website mentions Cochin, Ludhiana , Bangalore , Chennai ,  Gurgaon , Faridabad. But sadly there is no information on these places. Except for the comment we got from Mohit Shah that says Q cinemas is opening at At Slf Mall. Thank you Mohit for that one. So we decided to do a small research in Cyberspace and  all we could get was  that there is Q cinemas in Okinawa, Japan . But sadly that Q cinemas is not our Q cinemas. Here is the trivia we did manage to find out .

  • The Q cinemas is expected to have four screens with almost 1200 seating capacity.
  • We could watch Prithviraj starer ‘Arjunan Sakshi’ at Q cinemas from Jan 28th onwards.

Well thats all for now gallans. Will keep you updated on Q cinemas info in the coming days. Do tell us your Q cinema experience. Because we need an FIR report of the Q Cinema experience up and running at Kochigallan.com casino online

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