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The ‘Ambedkar Marg’ comes in as a blessing!

TweetBottlenecks in travelling from the Manorama Junction to Thevera through Panampilly Nagar has been finally taken off with the opening of  ’Doctor Ambedkar Marg’. The project has turned out good to the hundreds or thousands who would want to reach Thevera from Manorama Junction, without crossing the South Over-bridge. Earlier, a very small portion (of about 150 metres) of the road, that immediately followed one end of Panampilly Nagar to connect the stretch with the road that leads to Thevera, had been too narrow and twisted for regular vehicle commute. …


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Boutiques in Kochi goes online with ‘YourBoutique’

TweetLet’s be honest, in today’s world our lives revolve around Facebook. We make friends, post pictures, share videos and tell the world “how we feel”.
Well, one innovative Kochi based start up (or a group of Gallans, however you name them. ) is making it possible to do a little more. You can SHOP on FACEBOOK!
YourBoutique (YB) is a Facebook based market-place for high end boutiques and designers. YB stocks gorgeous sarees, salwars and jewellery from the best boutiques in town at affordable rates. You can browse through the …


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Aah.. But you don’t get to drink ‘kulukki’ at the Lulu. :P

TweetGuess what. ‘Kulukki Sarbath‘, the all famous rock-star among the cool drinks in Kochi, starts to get served to thirsty throats at the Oberon Mall. Errrr, not ‘at’ Oberon Mall, but ‘very very near’ to it. Joy ‘chettan’ has opened a small ‘kulukki’ outlet opposite to the Oberon Mall (near to the ‘Globers’ store). This , I suppose is the first ‘Kulukki Sarbath’ outlet that is outside the Ernakulam Boat Jetty area (this info needs citation ).
One glass of ultra-chilled ‘kulukki’ comes for Rs.10/- at this brand new store. …


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Prakirti-Art exhibition on Women’ Empowerment

TweetHere is a genuine and humble attempt from ‘Team Rachayya’. The event coined as ‘Prakirti’ is basically an art exhibition with women empowerment as it’s theme, through which the team is trying  to bring womanhood a better hue. Those Gallans are planning to make use of  their artistic talent for a great cause and aims the event as a charity raiser for Child Charitable trust, Thrippunithura.
‘Prakirti’ will be held in association with Child Charitable Trust and the Kochi hub of IEEE Women in Engineering. Entry is open to all and …


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The Chariot – Food Court @’High Court’

TweetFor the ones who do not have the time to read some bull shit, here is the rating : 8/10. And for the rest, here is what this Gallan has.
The Chariot Food Court is one of its kind for many reasons,  the best being that it is one out of the very few places in Kochi where you get to eat the finest of the finest ‘pazhamporis’ (banana fry) even after 6 PM, 24×7! Next time when you feel that you can’t live without having a ‘pazhampori’, rush …


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The ‘Chemmeen’ restaurant with sea food delicacies

TweetThe name itself speaks… ‘Chemmeen’ Restaurant is the place for sea food in Kochi! And a visit to the restaurant will prove it right. If your favorite list has been topped by all the prawn and fish curries, then please do not continue reading this article. Instead, reach the ‘Chemmeen’ restaurant soon and have an experience of the vivid sea food delicacies awaiting you. To help you with finding the place, here is the address :
Behind Dhanlaxmi Bank, Near Renai Cochin Hotel (Erstwhile ‘Renaissance’ Hotel), SN Junction, Palarivattom.
Now coming to the …